Fast and Slow

Fast and slow, is there an in in between? I am trying desperately to find it. This morning was the perfect example of why I need to discover it.

I awoke to a near flooded pool after a night of heavy storms. I needed to drain the pool off...but also needed to pack lunches, wake my children, feed them, deliver them to two different locations, shower and get the car to the shop for a re-scheduled maintenance appointment. I had 90 minutes to complete the feat. I stood in the kitchen sleepily slurping my coffee making my short-term agenda in my head. Ready...go!

I rushed to wake my kids, but the dark day outside reminded them that they did not want to get up. I ignored them and proceeded to make their breakfast, hoping that the wafting scent of hot buttered toast would encourage them to rise.
The hungry dog

The dog begins to bark loudly, reminding me that she too is hungry. I amend my mental schedule to fit feeding the dog into the morning haste.

I move to packing lunches, then soon realize my children have yet to appear at the table. I leave the lunch box assembly line to check on the kids. I find both of them fast asleep and begin to yell...I am exhausted retelling this story. The bottom line is I rush, rush, yell , rush then I suddenly find calm and wonder what the urgency was all about.

My morning craziness is over and now I sit at the car dealer with a cup of coffee and bundles, oodles of time and no where to be and no expectations, just calm and slowness. I feel like I go through this drill daily. Is it necessary to the human condition to go fast than slow?