The Backstory: How I Wrote my Novel

The advent of the financial crisis put me on an employment roller coaster. In the course of two years I was given two pink slips, had my hours cut (even though I was already part-time) moved to another department, moved back, and was finally given a new desk at my old job. I'd been back for a total of three months when an instant message flashed across my screen. My supervisor messaged me that my job would end in 30 days.

I did not fright. I wrote. I began to write a love story that had been rattling in my head for almost 20 years. During that 30 day period, I had amazing inspiration and energy. I would work all day come home for parenting duties and sit to write my novel. The words exploded and the pages filled quickly.

My job was ultimately saved and I was left with a draft of my first novel. It may have not been perfect, but I was proud. What I’ve now been told is that your first draft is the “vomit draft”. You throw everything into your story, then go back to re-arrange/delete and strengthen. In other words, when the first draft was complete, the real work began.

The librarian at my kids’ school introduced me to an editor who once worked at a publishing house in New York. I worked with that editor to form my story and help it into three acts. The process was fabulous and collaborative, but showed me that I had more work to do.

Between work, parenting and volunteering I’ve brought the novel to a place that I’m now ready to share with the world. Please enjoy Lovelost, it is available on both Amazon (yes, you can get it in paperback!) and Apple Books. If you read it and love it, please write a review. If not, than thank you for taking time to try a debut author.

I’m drafting of my second novel. To stay up to date on all my publishing news and follow my writing journey, please follow my Author Page on Amazon or Facebook.

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